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You can get Pre-Approved in 60 seconds or less!

Once your application is Pre-Approved, you can start looking immediately
at any dealership you choose for your new pre-owned car.

Simply pay a deposit and drive away with flexible monthly payments
towards buying your own car with our NO CREDIT CHECKS system.

To own your own car:

No Credit Check – Rent2Buy will help you

Rent2Buy – 99% Approval Rate – NO CREDIT CHECKS
Rent2Buy specializes in saying ‘YES’.
As an ExPat in Spain all the banks and finance institutions have said ‘no’ . We understand that being in a foreign country that makes your credit rating or ability to repay an advance look dismal to lenders when applying for a car credit. Often circumstances such as a having no credit history in Spain or a bad credit history, being unemployed, a single parent or a pensioner can severely limit your ability to be approved for credit- but NOT with Rent2Buy!

Our Guarantee

A tailored payment system from Rent2Buy is a genuine no fees, easy term agreement with flexibility to buy your car at any stage, no charges are applied at all, the contract price is the cash price of the vehicle.
Also no prying credit checks are carried out on you – all that is required is a deposit, Your NIE & Passport, Proof of address and a valid driving licence. You can get Pre-Approved in 60 Seconds now.


Our Dealerships

We can recommend an approved dealership. Once you have found a car we do the rest. We will contact the dealer and arrange payment and all documentation. All you have to do is drive away in your new car.

Our Rent2Buy Programme

Our Friendly staff will agree terms with your local dealer and have same day approval for your Rent2Buy program. We will assist you in all documentation and payment methods and communication with dealers on contracts and payment methods.

Trade In Deposit Programme

At our dealerships, You can get a valuation on your old car to use as a deposit towards your new car ! The Dealership will arrange all name transfers and paper work for you making it hassle free.

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