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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The Car is valued On a Pro-forma invoice from your dealer and will be underwritten by Rent2Buy.

The term of the contract is for 54 months. On final payment you own your car. The 54 months is a flexible term and you can pay for the car anytime from 1 month to 54 months.

Yes, you can pay for the car at any point from Month 1 to month 54. Every month the BALANCE OWED figure reduces.

Yes you can sell the car at any time in the contract period to pay off the BALANCE OWED or refinance a new car.

Yes you can at any point in your contract trade in your car for a new car and renew your contract.

Once you have found a car, you can drive away in your car within 24 hours.

The maximum amount is 70% LTV (loan To Valuation) Depending of the value of the vehicle.

Yes we will value your car, and then you can use that value as part/Full payment Deposit for your new car.

You need to be able to afford the monthly rental payments.

No all you need is an NIE as a non-resident.

On signing the contract all you need to provide is a copy of your PASSPORT, NIE CERTIFICATE or DNI Card, DRIVING LICENCE, PROOF OF ADDRESS & DEBIT/CREDIT CARD.

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